First Visit to Chase Field

Chase Field, located in downtown Phoenix, has been home to the Arizona Diamondbacks of Major League Baseball’s National League since 1998. Chase Field is routinely rated as one of the best baseball parks in the National League. Read through a quick list of interesting things to do during your first visit to Chase Field.

Friday’s Front Row Sports Grill

Friday’s Front Row Sports Grill is a theme restaurant that will serve up some great food while you are seated at a table that overlooks the ballpark. Friday’s is open even on non-game days and is usually jam packed on game day. If you want the good seats at this restaurant on the day of a Diamondbacks game, Friday’s highly recommends that you call ahead and reserve a table. Dial 602-462-3506 for Friday’s reservations.

If you want the best seats at this restaurant, ask for the $65 seats that are found in an outdoor area called the Home Run Porch. You must be able to buy out all the 4 or 5 seats at a specific table if you want to sit at the Home Run Porch on the day of a Diamondbacks game. Note that the price is simply for reserving the table and does not include the cost of food or drinks. For cheaper options, consider the Greenhouse seats and the First Row seats in the restaurant that will cost $45 and $55 respectively. These cheaper seats also require patrons to purchase every seat at a table to hold a reservation.

Watch Batting Practice

When you are visiting Chase Field for the first time, you should try to make the most of your visit by going as early as possible. Fans who arrive at the ballpark hours before the first pitch get to watch batting practice, in-field practice, and pre-game warm-ups. The Diamondbacks usually take batting practice for one hour starting 2.5 hours before game time while the visitors take batting practice for one hour starting 1.5 hours before game time. Chase Field gates usually open just 1.5 hours or 2 hours before game time, depending on the specific day of each game.

Chase Field’s Retractable Roof

Chase Field has a unique retractable roof that can provide a temperature-controlled, indoor atmosphere throughout the entire facility. With unbearable outdoor temperatures during the summer in Phoenix, the entire structure is air conditioned with a powerful HVAC system that is able to drop temperatures by at least 30 degrees. Stadium personnel make the call on whether or not to close the roof and the decision is usually implemented three hours before game time. If you walk in and see an open roof, it is probably going to stay that way for the rest of the game.

Swimming Pool at Chase Field

Chase Field has always been known for its swimming pool that can be found just beyond the right center field fence. If you want to access this swimming pool, you will have to rent out the $3,500 suite that is found just behind the swimming pool. Sounds too expensive? While cost prohibitive for one person, the suite holds 35 people who can all contribute toward the rental fee. With a full complement of fans, the cost for access to a full suite during the Diamondbacks game drops to just $100 per person. This will be a fantastic option if you have a large group of friends who want to go to the game with you.

See the Chase Field seating chart or information about the Diamondbacks seating chart.